The Author

Alan John is an escapee from the cold world of England. He was born in 1949, in Sussex, England. He has lived in the Philippines since 1997 and is married to Grace, a Filipina. They are now temporarily resident in a Middle Eastern country, although they still maintain their home in the Philippines. During his time in the Philippines, Alan John has lived and worked with the Filipino people and has grown to love and respect them. His adventures on a mountain bike illustrate just how close the Philippines, and it’s people, have become to him.


This is best illustrated by the following example from a story Alan tells about an event which took place when he was invited to a ‘Staff Only’ party - as the

only invited guest - and foreigner - present:

I was sitting next to one of the girls under the canopy of our seat and table on the beach by the waters of Subic Bay, when another girl came and sat directly opposite me and said “ I like you Alan. You’re not like other foreigners. Look, you’re eating your fish and rice with your fingers, just like us. You don’t ask for anything different or special. Other foreigners aren’t like that.”

Alan John has contributed photographs and/or articles to a wide range of publications including The Geographical Magazine, Photography Magazine, SLR Camera Magazine, World Magazine, Weekend Magazine and The Radio Times.

During his very varied career, Alan John has worked as an Electrical Engineer, Writer, Photographer and Teacher. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East as well as in the Philippines. He worked for more than 12 years as an Officer in the British Mercantile Marine and still misses the life on board ship.

Alan John is an assumed name.