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"The sound of my head hitting the rocks isn't one I wish to hear repeated. I lay on the rocks wondering if my limbs were still intact whilst I waited for my head, and the wheel above me, to stop spinning. Why was I doing this crazy journey? An old (ish!) man riding a mountain bike and sidecar in a temperature of over 40°C, miles from help, on a road of rocks. Maybe it was me that was crazy, not the journey. As I surveyed the damaged machine, I realised that this time I needed something like a miracle to happen............... "


A Cockroach in my Cornflakes is a book of three main parts. In some ways it's more like a small collection of stories written by the same author, but in this case they have a common thread; life and adventure in the Philippines. The book describes some of the authors adventures in this country, but, more interestingly perhaps, describes a way of life which is virtually unknown to comparatively wealthy westerners; a small insight into the lives of the people he met on his journeys - most of whom live in poverty. His travels led him into people's homes and places of work. He mixed with the prosperous officers of the towns he travelled to, as well as the ordinary folk who lived and worked there. This book describes life in the community as seen through the eyes of a foreigner who has been, very largely, accepted by the people, rather than a tourist.

A Cockroach in my Cornflakes also contains 70 colour photographs of the places and people the author encountered during his adventures.


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How to find the girl of your dreams - and have a lot of fun while you look!

This is one man's story of how he changed his life - and had a lot of fun doing so.

If you are lonely, bored, or just need a change, find out how YOU can do the same.


The author with the girl of his dreams, his wife Grace. We've just celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary (13 November 2004) with the news that Grace is expecting our first child!


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